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  • Save Costs While Meeting Business Needs with Reconditioned Pressure Vessels from Steelcraft


 With the downturn in the market, customers of pressure vessels are actively seeking economical alternatives to buying new when it comes to pressure vessels. A complex, larger sized, highly polished pressure vessel purchased new can cost as much as $500,000 – a significant investment for any company. 

Lately, Steelcraft’s Engineering Products Division has been able to achieve significant cost savings for its process manufacturing customers through the reconditioning and refurbishment of used pressure vessels – enabling our customers to meet their business goals, secure a high quality 100 percent reconditioned tank for a fraction of the cost of new.

 One customer, an automotive supplier was able to pick up used tanks online for the mere cost of .35 cents per pound (as a comparison raw material for pressure tanks is currently in the range of $3.50 per pound).   Steelcraft Engineered Products Division engineering team then developed a full plan for repair, refurbishment and alteration of the pressure vessel to meet the exact needs of the customer. This project involved removal of old internals, addition of new mixers and inspection ports, high polishing and proper re-registration of the pressure vessel for its new use. 

 Beyond the lower capital costs associated with the purchase of a used pressure vessel, refurbishment also saves labor costs (raw materials are already processed i.e. rolled, welded and machined) and is an environmentally friendly business decision, as this approach allows for the conservation and reuse of materials that may otherwise be destined for scrap.

If you are looking for a more economic alternative for your pressure vessel investment, and are looking for a team to provide a turnkey solution that promised to deliver a fully reconditioned machine to meet your exact needs, contact us at mail1@steelcraft.com