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  • Steelcraft Engineered Products’ Pressure Vessels and the European Pressure Directive (PED)


Many of our Steelcraft Engineered Products Division customers serve a global market, and ship their products and turnkey systems around the world. As a key supplier to these customers and a critical partner in their supply chain, we strive to ensure that the pressure vessels we manufacture on behalf of these customers meet global design and fabrication standards, such as the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).  The PED, which has been a mandatory requirement throughout the EU since 2002, ensures that pressure equipment (steam boilers, pressure vessels, piping, safety valves) and other components and assemblies widely used in oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber and food and beverage industries, is safe, meets essential safety requirements covering design, manufacturing and testing, satisfies appropriate conformity assessment procedures and carries CE marking and other information.

Steelcraft Engineered Products initiated conformance to PED around five years ago, initially at the request of our customers who sought to serve a global market.  The learning and expertise we have developed over that time period has proved invaluable to the business, allowing us to leverage that knowledge to support similar design and fabrication standards in such regions as Australia and South America.  We also produce heat exchangers that are dual (ASME, PED) certified for customers, allowing these technologies to be safely deployed to anywhere in the world.

Our PED conformance is one more illustration of Steelcraft’s continued commitment to serving as a true partner to our customers in their supply chain, and to removing any barriers or obstacles our customer’s business success.