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  • Understanding Lifecycle Costs for Pressure Vessels, Autoclaves, Heat Exchangers and Reactors


When you are seeking new pressure vessel, heat exchanger, reactor or autoclave components for your industrial environment, it is tempting to seek out quotes from five suppliers and simply make the final decision based on cost alone.  But this approach doesn’t always result in the best end solution for your specific industrial application. In many circumstances, long-term value trumps short term cost advantage.

When we engage with a customer, we typically begin by understanding what we call the total lifecycle cost of a component.  By digging deeper into the details into a customer’s performance requirements, how the component will be used and where, and the specific demands placed on the equipment, we can then design an appropriate solution for situation at hand.  This collaborative approach also allows us to better understand our customer’s business, and partner with that customer to construct a long-term relationship that is built around value, quality of service and quality of component.  

Let’s take a situation where we learn that a customer is seeking a heat exchanger for a project that has a short and finite lifespan.  We take those requirements into consideration to design a heat exchanger that is built to perform, but not necessarily to last.  Another customer may be in the market for a reactor that will play an ongoing instrumental role in a key industrial process. This reactor will be required to run 24/7 with 99.9 percent performance, and is expected to last 30 years. That is a very different set of design requirements, and the final product will be engineered and built accordingly.  Other factors we take into consideration when designing a specific component include, total lifespan of the component; maintenance/outage tolerances, pressure, temperature and duration requirements, frequency of use, new ASME requirements for calculations on fatigue and so on. 

So when you are next in the market for a autoclave, heat exchanger, reactor of pressure vessel, consider the total lifecycle costs when making your decision.  Be assured, it will result in a better supplier relationship, a higher quality component, and a better outcome.

If you are in the market for a pressure vessel, heat exchanger, autoclave or reactor for your industrial process.  Consider Steelcraft and our total lifecycle approach.   

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