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  • Welding Considerations When Investing in Duplex Stainless Steel Vessels or Tanks

Duplex Stainless Steel Autoclave

Duplex stainless steel is a preferred metal for many of our customers working in the oil and gas sector, prized for its anti-corrosive nature and the combining characteristics of ferretic and austenitic stainless steel when welded correctly.  However, if welded incorrectly, the potential to form detrimental intermetallic phases drastically increases which could lead to catastrophic failure.

 In this November 2007 article from Stainless Steel World, authors Barry Messer, Andrew Wright and Vasile Oprea from Fluor Canada Ltd., provide a detailed overview of best practices for duplex stainless steel welding.

Yet many fabricators serving the oil and gas industry lack the expertise required for welding duplex stainless.  Steelcraft’s Engineering Products Division for instance, has invested nearly a dozen years in ensuring adherence to the welding best practices outlined in the above article, and we ensure our teams consistently follows welding procedure specifications to achieve optimum (a -> g) balance.  

Engineering procurement and construction firms sourcing duplex stainless steel fabrications should incorporate an additional level of due diligence into their procurement process to ensure selected fabricators bring to the table best practices welding expertise and customer references attesting to their track record of delivery.

 If you are seeking a fabrication partner with expertise in providing duplex stainless steel to the oil and gas sector, consider Steelcraft. Contact us at mail1@steelcraftinc.com