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  • Steelcraft QCI Division Awarded United Way Oxford’s Wes Magill Award

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The Wes Magill Award is presented every year to recognize Wes Magill’s invaluable contribution to the United Way.  The award was established to honour those people, individuals or groups in the community who have gone the ‘extra mile’ and given their time and talents to the United Way.  Each year the Board chooses a recipient (alternating annually between an individual and a company) and recommends that recipient to the Magill Family Members for final approval. 

This year, the United Way Oxford’s 34th Wes Magill Award recipient is: Steelcraft QCI Division (Woodstock location) & its Employees

Our Steelcraft QCI Division and its employees have been long standing supporters of United Way.  The team hosts an annual United Way Kick Off event, attended by all staff, including Steelcraft CEO Paul Summers and President Keith Zehr, who make a point of being there to show their support for the campaign and for the team.  Each year, United Way is invited to give a presentation to all of the staff so the Steelcraft QCI team is aware of community needs, the United Way’s impact and how the organization supports positive change.  Steelcraft QCI also offers a day off with pay for any Division employee choosing to donate $500 or more during the Campaign.  In 2012, 50 out of Steelcraft QCI’s 73 employees in the Woodstock location participated in the employee payroll program and 39 of those employees were leadership donors ($500+)!

Pictured in the accompanying photo from left to right: Brian Jones, Barbara Graham, Dave Johns, Harold Robinson, Grant Fallowfield, Keith Zehr, Kathy Sayeau, Paul Summers

As impressive as that is, Steelcraft QCI’s Woodstock Division runs the bulk of their campaign in a single day.  In 2012, the Woodstock team launched a car show with all proceeds supporting United Way.  This year’s event almost filled the Steelcraft QCI property with more than 200 cars and the event in a single day raised more than $5000.  The Car Show Committee works year round on planning the Car Show, promoting it across the Southwest Ontario region, soliciting prizes and working to improve the event each year for the participants.  The United Way Oxford has highlighted Steelcraft’s car show event as a great example of how management and employees can work together to benefit their community through support of United Way.

“As a corporation we continually strive to give back to the communities in which we operate.  It is very important all of us to help make a difference.  Our team strongly believe in the work of United Way and it’s ability to help the whole community through one campaign,” says Paul Summers, Steelcraft CEO.