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Engineered Products Division

Innovative Steel Solutions - From Concept to Reality

Engineered Products Division

The future will favour those advanced manufacturers who embrace efficient, sustainable and integrated manufacturing processes. To succeed in this changing business climate, supply chain partners must bring to the table advanced engineering capability and industry-specific knowledge that is aimed at reducing manufacturing complexity while increasing competitiveness.

Engineered Products Division

Steelcraft EP (formerly branded as FCF & Bowers) offers advanced manufacturing customers the competitive edge. Working in close collaboration with customers, Steelcraft EPS professional engineering expertise, and 130,000 square feet of manufacturing facility to progress products from concept to reality.

Our design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities can produce a virtually endless array of products of nearly any size. Ninety percent of Steelcraft EPS products are manufactured in-house. These include:

Our willingness to problem-solve and work in close collaboration with customers in the design and engineering distinguishes us in the marketplace. In addition, our facility size and scale and our equipment capacity allows Steelcraft EPS to manufacture a larger and heavier range of products beyond the reach of our closest competitors.

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