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If someone is working on a mining operation somewhere in the world chances are they are using trucks from Komatsu or their top competitor, Caterpillar. Komatsu is the number two company in the world for heavy equipment off-road mining trucks. Some Komatsu models even outsell Caterpillar mining trucks. Komatsu Senior Buyer, Don Breckenridge, says “The mining market is unbelievable right now. We had record sales this past year and we expect to do equally well in the next two years.”

Komatsu has been dealing with Steecraft since 2001. Steelcraft’s QCI Division produces axel housings for all of the electric mining truck models that Komatsu produces at its plant in Peoria, Illinois. Without this part these heavy-duty trucks can’t drive.

Don Breckenridge says that he has purchased product from three different suppliers in the past and has found Steelcraft QCI to be “far and away the most professional with the highest quality products.”

Breckenridge also says Steelcraft’s service is outstanding. He remembers a time when there were cosmetic problems with some axels and structures due to a miscommunication. A supervisor and a welder from Steelcraft QCI came to Peoria and made the requested changes to the products within two days. He says, “The job was done before I even had a chance to tell our vice president there was a problem.”

Komatsu has also been pleased with Steelcraft’s on-time delivery. “You have some very good people that schedule and maintain on-time delivery. You are good with short lead times.” Breckenridge mentioned that Kent Johnston, Manufacturing Manger over Steelcraft QCI, is a great guy to work with and that Jerry Myers, Division Manager, is “a prince of a guy.” In general he finds Steelcraft is “very proactive and a quality organization,” and Komatsu Americas looks forward to serving the needs of Komatsu for years to come.