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Nuhn Industries


Dennis Nuhn is president of Nuhn Industries, founded over one hundred years ago by his grandfather Simon Nuhn. The company produces and sells manure spreaders to farmers, wholesalers in Ontario, other Canadian provinces, and the United States. They have also sold their products in Japan and Africa. Agriculture Canada and several Canadian universities use Nuhn manure spreaders in their research on the benefits of animal waste.

Dennis is passionate about his work. He sees the tremendous benefit that his products bring to farmers, as well as to the environment. He says, “Manure is seen as a waste product. Nuhn machines turn manure into an advantage rather than a negative.” He goes on to say that it has taken a lot of education to remind farmers that manure is nature’s way of fertilizing and controlling disease. Manure kills fungi in the field as well as soil nematodes—those nasty microscopic worms that leave blemishes on produce.

Nuhn Industries developed a volume control on its spreaders—a technology that has made the company one of the top producers in North America. Dennis says that if you distribute manure as accurately as you spray chemical fertilizer, you get even better results than with the manufactured fertilizers and the impact on the environment is potentially less negative. Accurate distribution of manure is also critical in preventing contamination of water systems surrounding farms—an important concern especially after the Walkerton, Ontario, tragedy.

Nuhn has been purchasing tanks for their spreaders from Steelcraft’s Clemmer Containment Division for over thirty years. “The people I deal with (at Steelcraft) have a strong sense of responsibility and care to do a good job. They go the extra mile and juggle to make it happen,” says Dennis. He goes on to say, “Everyone is friendly and a joy to deal with. They also make a high quality product. We are very demanding about what we ship out of here.”