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In 1998, when the former owners of Stettler Oil and Gas, Andy Vanderlee and Norm McDonald, started the company they did $200,000 in business that first year. Steelcraft’s Clemmer Containment Division, located in Innisfail, Alberta supplied Stettler with methanol storage tanks.

Steelcraft produces 200, 300, 500 and 1000 gallon tanks used to store and dispense methanol. Stettler receives the basic tank from the company’s Clemmer Division and installs a pump, and instruments that measure pressure, and the amount of gas and water flowing through a pipeline. The tanks are delivered to the customers at the drilling site where they are filled with methanol. The tank is attached to the wellhead and the methanol is injected into the gas lines. Because water is extracted along with the gas, there is a danger that ice will form in the gas lines and bring the process to a grinding a halt. The methanol breaks up the ice and ensures that the gas can be extracted.

Stettler has grown incredibly over the last eight years—last year they did $41 million dollars in sales providing customized tanks to companies in the oil and gas industry in Alberta. Steelcraft’s Clemmer Division continues to produce tanks for Stettler and has kept pace with their growth.

Vanderlee became the Vice President of Operations when Stettler was bought by Universal three and a half years ago. He has been pleased with the quality and service received from Steelcraft. “The quality of the tank we get from them is great. We have probably purchased 5000 to 8000 tanks over the last eight years and I don’t think we have had more than a few small problems,” says Vanderlee.