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Liquid and dry storage tanks


  • Aboveground-Horizontal-Storage-Tank

    Aboveground Horizontal Storage Tank

    Feature for feature, our Clemmer Division’s aboveground, horizontal steel tanks are best in class in the markets we serve. With Clemmer, you gain the assurance of meticulous quality and manufacturing in a competitive storage system.

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  • Used-Oil-Tanks

    Used Oil Tanks

    Our aboveground, horizontal used oil steel tanks are the best in today’s market. With Steelcraft’s Clemmer Division, you gain the assurance of meticulous quality and manufacturing in a competitive storage system

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  • Field-Erect-Tanks

    Field Erect Tanks

    Steelcraft’s Clemmer Division offers full service field fabrication solutions for large volume steel tanks throughout Canada. Pre-manufactured components are shipped to the site, where they are erected under the watchful eyes of Clemmer engineers.

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  • supply-tank

    Supply Tank

    Steelcraft’s Clemmer supply tanks are manufactured in cylindrical or rectangular, single wall or double wall models. Static head design is also available. Supply tanks are specifically designed for storage of fuel and lubricating oils.

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  • polaris

    Polarus Tank

    POLARUS molded polyethylene lined tanks offer you double-wall protection with the added benefit of a corrosion-proof internal lining. The outer tank is constructed of steel, while the inner tank is lined with a medium-density polyethylene.

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  • fuelcube

    Fuelcube Tank

    Steelcraft’s Clemmer FUELCUBE mobile refueling tanks safely transport and store the flammable and combustible liquids used in construction, farming, landscaping and forestry.

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  • utility

    Utility Storage Tank

    Steelcraft’s Clemmer utility tanks are a cost-effective storage solution for gasoline, diesel fuels or flammable liquids and are ideal for use on farms, construction sites and marinas. We offer three popular tank sizes, and a variety of colours.

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  • Contained-Storage-Tank

    Contained Storage Tank

    Our vertical and horizontal contained tank assemblies are manufactured from premium grade steels. Each contained tank assembly is fully seal-welded giving you a weather-tight secondary container and 100% or 110% containment of the primary tank.

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  • Fire-Rated-Above-Ground-Storage-Tank

    Fire-Rated Above Ground Storage Tank

    The lightweight, porous insulation of a Clemmer FIREGUARD tank provides you with a two-hour rating and positive leak detection without product loss. The steel, double-wall designs come in both vertical and horizontal styles and give you 110% secondary containment.

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  • Underground-Steel-Tanks

    Underground Steel Tanks

    Steelcraft’s Clemmer Division manufactures and engineers our steel underground storage tanks to bring you long-term durability. Our tanks come in various corrosion- protected single and double wall configurations.

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  • Aboveground-Vertical-Storage-Tank

    Aboveground Vertical Storage Tank

    Innovative design, engineering integrity and structual dependability make our Clemmer Division’s above ground, vertical steel tanks the best in their class

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  • Fibreglass Underground Tanks

    Steelcraft’s Clemmer Division is a provider of single wall and double wall underground fiberglass tanks.

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