Contained Storage Tank


Our vertical and horizontal contained tank assemblies are manufactured from premium grade steels. Each contained tank assembly is fully seal-welded giving you a weather-tight secondary container and 100% or 110% containment of the primary tank

  • Double bottom with a vacuum-monitored interstice offers additional protection and continuous leak detection on vertical models.
  • Access stairs and platform to National Building Code requirements.
  • Overfill protection device compatible with the intended method of filling.
  • Spill box surrounding the fill pipe drains spillage back into tank.
  • Sealed secondary tank prevents precipitation entering and allows on-site pressure testing.
  • Seal-welded wear plates below fill opening protects the bottom against failure.
  • Manufactured to ULC S601-07, ULC S652, and ULC S653.


  • Mounting platforms.
  • Ladders.
  • Level indicators.
  • Vertical: 1360 litres (300ig) to 6400 litres (1650ig).
  • Horizontal: up to 200,000 litres (44,000ig).

Materials Used

Carbon or stainless steel.