Fuelcube Tank


Steelcraft’s Clemmer FUELCUBE mobile refueling tanks safely transport and store the flammable and combustible liquids used in construction, farming, landscaping and forestry. The FUELCUBE’s rugged and durable construction takes the punishment of off-road use. It’s safety features make it ideal for working in environmentally sensitive areas.

  • 50mm (2″) fill connection with pressure/vacuum vented locking fill cap prevents containment or gas leaks.
  • Emergency vent allows excessive gas release during an emergency.
  • Reinforced 50mm (2″) pump connection prevents weld fatigue.
  • Internal baffle minimizes product movement during transport.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and hardware allow the FUELCUBE to be mounted on service vehicles, trailers and skid platforms safely and securely.
  • Manufactured to CGSB43.146-2002 standards.


  • Externally wrapped primary tank to provide secondary containment.
  • Top-mounted 12-volt pump with hose and automatic shut off nozzle
  • 460 litres (100ig)
  • 570 litres (125 ig)
  • 720 litres (160 ig)

Materials Used

Carbon or stainless steel.