Underground Steel Tanks


Steelcraft’s Clemmer Division manufactures and engineers our steel underground storage tanks to bring you long-term durability. Our tanks come in various corrosion- protected single and double wall configurations, and in various sizes to meet today’s range of petroleum products

  • Long term corrosion resistance through engineered cathodic protection.
  • Butt-welded joints and submerged arc-welding technology.
  • Seal-welded, steel wear plated below tank openings protect the bottom against failure.
  • Dielectric nylon bushings or flange isolation kits electrically isolate the tank.
  • 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Twice the protection of a single wall tank.
  • Interstitial monitoring through 360۫ secondary containment.
  • Delivered under vacuum with a factory-installed vacuum gauge, eliminating the need for on-site testing.
  • 24-hour leak detection through available remote monitoring.
  • 25-year limited warranty on primary storage tank integrity.
  • ULC S603 and ULC S603.1 Compliance.


  • Anchoring options for high water table installations.
  • Multi-compartment tanks custom fabricated to site-specific needs.
  • Manway and manway riser extensions provided to grade.
  • Internal tank access ladders *turbine enclosures and sump mounting flanges, piping, monitors, level gauging.
  • High performance protective linings for a variety of applications
  • 2200 litres (500ig) to 200,000 litres (44,000ig) and custom-fabricated to your applications

Materials Used

Carbon or stainless steel.