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Tankguard Modular Systems


Our TANKGUARD system is a turnkey operation that allows for the safe and proper storage and dispensing of flammable and combustible liquids. TANKGUARD is a modular system, that is designed and constructed to suit your unique application and site requirements. TANKGUARD easily allows for the addition of features so you can continue to enhance your system as the need arises. A compact, space saving construction that is fully transportable and relocatable makes TANKGUARD a smart solution for today and tomorrow.

  • Private fuel outlets.
  • Card lock or key lock facility.
  • Retail fuel dispensing.
  • Aviation fuel.
  • Fuel oil systems.
  • Diesel fuel systems for generators.
  • Waste oil systems.
  • Chemical storage and distribution.
  • Vehicle impact protection.
  • Any liquid storage tank style.
  • Mechanical piping.
  • Electrical system.
  • Secondary containment.
  • Inventory reconciliation system.
  • Leak detection monitoring.
  • Dispensers.
  • Variety of loading options.
  • Piping distribution systems.