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Blending / Agitation


Steelcraft’s Tank Top Disperser with Lift System allows convenient adjustment of the blade height in the batch while mixing. Surface fluid velocities and the resulting vortex are dramatically improved for rapid powder incorporation; increasing product yield and quality while reducing cycle time. Custom engineered mechanical and control solutions are available to maximize your plant throughput.

  • Top-Entering

    Top Entering

    Top entering agitators are specifically designed to maximize performance in solids/liquid/gas phase mixing as well as solids suspensions applications. Packages are available with a range of features.

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  • Side-Entering

    Side Entry Agitators

    Typically used in large storage tank applications, side entering agitators promote even liquid-liquid mixing as well as distribute heat evenly to safe guard against burning/freezing of tank contents.

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  • Bottom-Entering

    Bottom Entering Agitators

    Specifically engineered for unique applications where entry from above or mixing elements high in the batch need to be avoided.

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  • Multi-Shaft-Mixers

    Multi-Shaft Mixers

    Designed for viscous pastes, with a combination of blades on independant drives ensure product movement in the thckest of pastes.

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  • Concentric-Shaft-Mixers

    Concentric Shaft Mixers

    Bowers Concentric Shaft Maft Mixers utilize a central high speed shaft, driven independantly from a perimiter sweep blade. This configuration allows the user to maximize the blade-to-tank ratio for optimal results.

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  • Twin Screw Horizontal Mixer

    Horizontal Mixers / Blenders

    Whether your mixing powders or difficult slurries, Horizontal Mixing systems provide thorough blending by driving the blades through and under the product mass.

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  • Food-Grade-Blending-Kettles

    Food Grade Blending Kettles

    Food science demands consistent mixing with sanitary design elements. SteelCraft’s engineers can customize the mixing system to suit your specific requirements, supplying both the mixing and tank system

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  • Laboratory-Mixers2

    Laboratory Mixers

    Prototyping your formulation on one of our various Laboratory Mixing Systems provides you with the data you need for all your processing decisions.

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