Top Entering


Top entering agitators are specifically designed to maximize performance in solids/liquid/gas phase mixing as well as solids suspensions applications. Packages are available with a range of features including high efficiency impellers, shaft seals and a range of sanitary finishes. Agitators are engineered to suit existing tank geometries, as well as can be supplied as a turn key installation with mixing vessel or reactor. Features include customized solutions with:

  • Selection of impellers to suit blending/pumping/shearing requirements
  • A comprehensive range of seals
  • Mounting configurations to suit head room and maintenance concerns
  • Available with lift systems for multi-tank applications
  • Material finishes including polish up to 360 grit
  • Robust gear trains and bearing for enduring performance


Selection of features include:


  • Axial Turbine
  • Radial Impellers
  • Hi Efficiency Impellers
  • Shearing Impellers
  • Expanding/Collapsible Blades

Seal Selection:

  • Mechanical Seals
  • Chemical Duty Lip Seals
  • Packing Glands (purge available)

    Mounting Configurations:

  • Vertical/horizontal motor mounting

Materials and Finishes

  • stainless, high strength alloys
  • corrosion resistant alloys
  • specialty coatings
  • polishes up to 360 grit w/ sanitary features

Materials Used

  • Stainless Steel (304, 316, 17-4 PH)
  • Specialty Alloy (Hastelloy, Inconel)
  • Carbon Steel (High Strength)
  • Specialty Coatings (Rubber Lining, Spray and baked on coatings)