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Cooking & Pasteurizing Kettles / Tanks


Steelcraft designs and manufactures custom hemispherical-bottom kettles. Each Kettle is sized based on our customers particular process or application. Steelcraft designs include the following typles of kettles:

Our Kettles are commonly used for processing soups, chili, salsa, stews, beans, jellies, preserves, fruit fillings, pie fillings, meat fillings, and cooked meats.

In addition, Steelcraft Kettles are ideal for cosmetics processing and manufacturing of hand creams, cold creams, lotions, body butters, hair care products, gels, waxes, mineral oil, and many others.


  • Open Top Jacket Kettles
  • Dimple Jacket Kettles
  • Vacuum Kettles
  • Pressure Kettles
  • Direct Steam injection Kettles
  • ASME Code Kettles

Materials Used

  • Generally Stainless Steel - 304/304L, 316/317L