Utility Tank


Clemmer tanks provide you with a secure, durable and liquid tight storage system. Simple and inexpensive to install on virtually any level surface, they are easy to relocate, allowing for flexibility of use and resale. Trouble free to maintain, Clemmer tanks are designed so that inspections and tank gauging can be done with ease.


  • Pump options available
  • Mechanical or electrical gauging equipment
  • Split compartment option available on 1,000 Gallon tank
  • Overflow protection alarms
  • Stairs and platforms
Size (Gallons)Dimensions (Dia)Dimensions (L)Approx. Tank Weight
100 G 28" 48" 305 lbs
300 G 38" 72" 600 lbs
500 G 50" 72" 880 lbs
1000 G 50" 144" 1,500 lbs