Mining Solutions

Steelcraft is a leader in the fabrication of rugged and durable sub-assemblies for leading OEMs in the mining sector.

Mining Solutions for All Applications, Steelcraft Inc., Steel engineering and Fabrication Supplier in Ontario, Canada

Mining Solutions for All Applications

Steelcraft has been partnering with leading OEMs in the mining sector for decades on a wide variety of programs.  The company's product offering includes, but is not limited to: air ducts, axle housings, battery boxes, cabinets, cabs, decks, fuel tanks, grilles, mufflers, and supports.   

Steelcraft's mining solutions are manufactured under the following certifications and programs: AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.3, and D1.6, CSA 47.1, ISO 9001:2015, NDT - SNT-TC-1A, Komatsu 072-40, and Komatsu Midori-Kai.

ABOUT OUR COMPANYWhy Choose Steelcraft

  • Steelcraft's Mining Solutions Team understands the highly-demanding and tough working environment in which our sub-assemblies are used. That's why choosing Steelcraft as a fabrication partner means choosing a partner that will ensure your products are welded by highly-trained skilled fabricators and validated by experienced quality teams.
    - Gerry Morton, Strategic Business Development Manager - Mining, QCI Division

Comprehensive Solutions for Leading OEMs in the Mining Sector

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  • American Petroleum Institute
  • ASME
  • AWS
  • Canada Controlled Goods Program
  • CWB
  • ISO
  • PED
  • Steel Tank
  • TSSA
  • ULC