Agriculture Solutions

Steelcraft is a leader in the fabrication of tanks for leading OEMs in the agriculture sector.

Agriculture Solutions for All Applications

Steelcraft is a long-standing partner to leading OEMs in the agriculture sector and has supported a wide variety of programs.  The company’s product offering includes, but is not limited to: vented tanks for manure storage and spreading applications, vacuum tanks for dairy facility clean-up applications, and vacuum tanks for oil-based applications.

Steelcraft’s agricultural solutions are manufactured by highly-skilled welders in a professional shop environment to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of quality and reliability from our tanks.

Steelcraft has been supporting leading agricultural OEMs with their outsourced manufacturing requirements for decades. That’s why choosing Steelcraft as a fabrication partner means choosing a partner that will listen carefully to your business goals and deliver practical and cost-effective solutions to help you achieve them.

- Matthew Lunn, Sales Manager, Engineered Products Division

Comprehensive Solutions for Leading OEMs in the Agriculture Sector


Experience the Steelcraft difference yourself by partnering with us on your next project. 

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