Energy Solutions

Steelcraft is a leader in the fabrication of highly-engineered systems for leading OEMs in the energy sector.

Energy Solutions for All Applications

Steelcraft is a long-standing partner to leading energy companies and has supported a wide variety of programs. The company’s product offering includes, but is not limited to: exhaust stacks and separation columns, heat exchangers, piping spools, pressure vessels, and customized nuclear fabrications.

Steelcraft’s energy solutions are manufactured under the following certifications and programs: ASME, ISO 9001:2015, PED, and TEMA.

Steelcraft’s Energy Solutions Team understands the regulatory, safety, and technical challenges facing today’s energy companies. That’s why choosing Steelcraft as a fabrication partner means choosing a partner that will ensure your products are fully-compliant with all applicable commercial, regulatory, and technical requirements.

- Darcy Vanneste, P. Eng, Strategic Business Development Manager, Engineered Products Division

Comprehensive Solutions for Leading OEMs in the Energy Sector


Experience the Steelcraft difference yourself by partnering with us on your next project. 

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