Mining Solutions

Steelcraft is a leader in the fabrication of rugged and durable sub-assemblies for leading OEMs in the mining sector.

Mining Solutions for All Applications

Steelcraft is a long-standing partner to leading OEMs in the mining sector and has supported a wide variety of programs.  The company’s product offering includes, but is not limited to: air ducts, axle housings, battery boxes, cabinets, cabs, decks, fuel tanks, grilles, mufflers, and supports.   

Steelcraft’s mining solutions are manufactured under the following certifications and programs: AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.3, and D1.6, CSA 47.1, ISO 9001:2015, NDT – SNT-TC-1A, Komatsu 072-40, and Komatsu Midori-Kai.

Steelcraft’s Mining Solutions Team understands the highly-demanding and tough working environment in which our sub-assemblies are used. That’s why choosing Steelcraft as a fabrication partner means choosing a partner that will ensure your products are welded by highly-trained skilled fabricators and validated by experienced quality teams.

- Gerry Morton, Strategic Business Development Manager - Mining, QCI Division

Comprehensive Solutions for Leading OEMs in the Mining Sector


Experience the Steelcraft difference yourself by partnering with us on your next project. 

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