Custom OEM Manufacturing Solutions

Steelcraft is a leader in outsourced OEM manufacturing and is looking to build new and ongoing customer partnerships!

OEM Manufacturing for All Applications

Steelcraft has been a key supplier to OEMs in the agriculture, defence, energy, and mining industries for decades.  As a result, we have developed the people, equipment, and facilities required to support you with outsourced metal fabrication services for low- and medium- volume programs.   

Steelcraft holds a wide variety of certifications and will pursue new certifications if required for your program.  

Steelcraft’s business has been built on collaborative manufacturing partnerships with leading and emerging OEMs. That’s why choosing Steelcraft as a fabrication partner means choosing a partner that will invest in its employees, equipment, and infrastructure to ensure that we provide unparalleled support for your business both now and for years to come.

- Steelcraft Executive Leadership Team

Comprehensive Design and Manufacturing Capabilities for Strategic OEM Partners


Experience the Steelcraft difference yourself by partnering with us on your next project. 

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