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API Storage Tanks

Cost-effective, reliable, and safe storage solutions for large volumes of a variety of liquids.

For large volume storage applications, Steelcraft offers tanks that are manufactured generally in accordance with API 620 and API 650.  This category of tanks is especially useful for those customers looking for very large tanks that are outside the scope of ULC-listed products or for tanks that have special configurations and geometries.  As one of the most experienced tank manufacturers in the Canadian petroleum industry, Steelcraft is well-positioned to support your next API project.


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Steelcraft provides tanks that are manufactured generally per API-620 and API-650.

API-type aboveground storage tanks should always be installed in accordance with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)

Steelcraft can build these types of tanks in either our fabrication facilities or in the field, depending on the tank size required.

From a cost perspective, it is oftentimes more advantageous for Steelcraft to build the tanks in our shop if the tanks are below 13' in diameter. With that in mind, we will oftentimes work with our customers during the design phase to ensure that the proposed tanks will suit the application in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Steelcraft can provide feedback on the limitations of each code during the design phase but ultimately the decisions regarding certification or code compliance are made by our customers and their consulting engineers where applicable. In general, API-620 tanks are designed for higher-pressure flammable liquids (i.e. 0-15 psi) and API-650 tanks are designed for lower-pressure flammable liquids (i.e. 0-2.5 psi).

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