Atmospheric Blenders

Highly-engineered atmospheric blending solutions available in paddle and ribbon configurations.

Within our atmospheric blender offering, customers have access to paddle-style or ribbon-style blenders to ensure homogeneous mixing of powders and pastes.  Our field-tested sophisticated seal and drive train designs provide robust operation with minimal maintenance requirements.  By controlling all aspects of our horizontal blender design, Steelcraft ensures that the product you receive is the product you need.

Options & Accessories
Paddle Blenders
Ribbon Blenders

Stainless Steel: 304, 316
Specialty Alloys: Hastelloy, Inconel, AL6XN
Carbon Steel: High-Strength

Specialty Coatings: Rubber Lining, Spray Coatings, Baked-On Coatings

Custom Blade Configurations Including Dual Screw

Customizable Lid and Drive Designs

Heating and Cooling Jackets

Atmospheric horizontal blenders are the most commonly-selected units and are most often found in powder and light paste blending applications. Careful consideration should be given to covers and lids to allow for required ingredient addition, inspection and cleaning.

Yes. Steelcraft stands behind its products, and warranty information for horizontal blending systems is included in our general terms and conditions, available here.

Yes. Due to the complex nature of our products, Steelcraft can provide ongoing support and service to varying degrees based on customer requirements.

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