Dual & Triple Shaft Mixers

Highly-engineered systems for medium-high viscosity applications.

Dual- and triple-shaft agitators are generally used for blending of medium or high-viscosity fluids with a range of phases including gases, liquids, and solids.  Within our multi-shaft agitator offering, we can customize all design elements including blade technology, shaft size, seal type, mounting configurations and gearbox selection.  Given the spatial constraints when introducing multiple shafts into a mixing vessel, careful consideration is given to the size, position, and function of each shaft assembly as well as to the cumulative mixing assembly.

Options & Accessories
Floor-Mounted with Lift

Stainless Steel: 304, 316, 17-4 PH
Specialty Alloys: Hastelloy, Inconel
Carbon Steel: High-Strength

AC Variable Frequency Speed Adjustment

Mechanical Speed Adjustment for Cost-Effective Control in Explosion-Proof Areas

Taper-Lock Rotor Attachment for Blade Positioning and Height Adjustment

Vertical blending and agitation systems should always be installed in accordance with local codes and safety requirements.

Dual- or triple-shaft mixers are generally suited for products with viscosities starting between 50,000 and 100,000 centipoise and ranging up to 2,000,000 centipoise. Blade technology and proper shaft positioning are critical to delivering a homogeneous mixture, especially if the process requires gas and/or powder incorporation into a liquid phase.

Yes. Steelcraft stands behind its products, and warranty information for dual- and triple-shaft mixers is included in our general terms and conditions, available here.

Yes. Due to the complex nature of our products, Steelcraft can provide ongoing support and service to varying degrees based on customer requirements.

Yes. Steelcraft provides a full range of standardized mixing blades and can also provide replacement blades and impellers for custom applications and competitors' equipment.

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