Single Shaft Dispersers

Highly-engineered systems for low-medium viscosity applications.

Single-shaft dispersion systems are generally used for products with viscosities below 50,000 centipoise and where particle size reduction within a homogeneous mixture is necessary.  Within our single-shaft dispersion system offering, we can provide our proprietary Roto-Pin(TM) hydraulic head swivel option to automatically rotate the mixer between multiple tanks and cleaning stations.  To see this system in action, please click here.

Options & Accessories
Floor-Mounted with Lift

Stainless Steel: 304, 316, 17-4 PH
Specialty Alloys: Hastelloy, Inconel
Carbon Steel: High-Strength

Pressure/Vacuum Configurations

AC Variable Frequency Speed Adjustment

Mechanical Speed Adjustment for Cost-Effective Control in Explosion-Proof Areas

Taper-Lock Rotor Attachment for Blade Positioning and Height Adjustment

Dispersion systems should always be installed in accordance with local codes and safety requirements.

Single-shaft dispersers are generally suited for products with viscosities below 50,000 centipoise. These can often dramatically improve production rates compared to gentle agitation.

Yes. Steelcraft stands behind its products, and warranty information for single-shaft dispersers is included in our general terms and conditions, available here.

Yes. Due to the complex nature of our products, Steelcraft can provide ongoing support and service to varying degrees based on customer requirements.

Yes. Steelcraft provides a full range of standardized dispersion blades and can also provide replacement blades and impellers for custom applications and competitors' equipment.

Yes. Steelcraft can provide systems with lids tailored to suit the mixing vessel as well as provide a variety of sealing solutions. This can safeguard operators and provide effective sealing for vacuum and pressure applications.

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